The Hebrew Aleph-Bet UlpanTM

Shalom, Welcome to The Hebrew Aleph-Bet UlpanTM


An Ulpan is an Israeli language school for studying Hebrew in an intensive and a fast-paced method.


This Hebrew Alphabet learning program is in essence styled after that manner and will be accomplished in a single weekend of 18 - 21 hours of classroom study.


This program is designed for those who want to learn the Hebrew language in order to read, write, and pronounce Hebrew effectively and rapidly.


There is no other program like this anywhere incorporating the Aleph-Bet as a platform for learning Theology, History, and Messianic Faith.


You will be Amazed at what you will learn and come to understand in a single week-end.  Come to Albuquerque where we conduct the Hebrew Aleph-Bet UlpanTM twice a year or schedule a live seminar in your city, congregation, or private gathering of leaders, students, or congregates


The Hebrew Aleph-Bet UlpanTM is a Course of Study at Trinity Southwest University where it is a Pre-Hebrew 101 requirement.


The Hebrew Aleph-Bet UlpanTM was broadcast by KCHF, Channel 11 from Santa Fe, New Mexico and was awarded by the Israeli Government at the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel in 2005.


The Hebrew Aleph-Bet UlpanTM is unlike any other program in that Dr. D. Ismael Otero's method incorporates the Biblical Discipleship Model of Learning: "Rabbi – Talmidim"


Shalom Shalom