Voice to the nations

Elohim so LOVED the WORLD... Jn. 3:16


Go in the WHOLE WORLD and DISCIPLE all NATIONS... Mt. 28:16


His Love and our Discipleship of All Nations is still His and our Commission.


The Vision of Voice to the Nations is to bring the Hebraic Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah to the Tribal Nations of the World.


Our Mission is to Teach that all peoples must return to a Hebraic view of life and the Holy Scriptures in order to understand the correct message of Yeshua, the New Covenant Writings, and of the Salvation of Mankind.


We further assert that the Ancient Tribal mentality of the Hebrew is seen in the Holy Scriptures from Geneses to Revelation; that all Tribal Nations can easier understand these Writings from that perspective rather then from a Western, European, or Modern point of view.


We are here to teach all Tribal Nations the Hebrew language, it's Calendar system of the Sabbath along with the Holy Days, and the Torah lifestyle of a believer. We believe in the Restoration & use of the Holy Name of Yahweh and of Yeshua the Messiah.